Odies Place: From Heartbreak To Passion


Call me driven call me crazy say i come on too strong say Im obsessed but please dont forget passion. Living on through Odie is why I am here . Losing him was the first death I ever really experience head on from finding out his kidney shut down and cancer spread too much and he had two weeks to live. Life stood still. Every hour I kept thinking he will prove everyone wrong and then reality kicked in. It was the worse pain I have ever experienced. 

I really think pet bereavement should be a paid day off because functioning after I finally realized that he wasnt going to come back. Mass RI wasnt holding him until he felt better. Life is starting to have little value at this point. Numbness and lonliness kicks in and now comes the medication because the other option St Lukes Ward wasnt a good plan B . 


The medicine didnt work only made me gain weight and have sadder thoughts. Then it hit me while Kerrie and I were volunteering at a shelter to feel better and we fell in love with watching an animal come out of their shell and show so much appreciation and love towards me. Feeling like you actually have a good purpose in this world was an unusual feeling that at first I felt guilty feeling. Then it became obvious saving a life was next.


Bella came into my life and we both seemed to be at a cross roads. She has teeth marks and rope marks all over her which tells me she was used for fighting. Her future was not good until she chose me to adopt her and save her. She along with my other furbabies helps a little bit but the emptiness was still there sadly. 

After leaving volunteering on not so great terms Kerrie and I mulled over ideas of how we can help else whereThen it hit me let's start our own rescue with Odie for Odie. Odies Place was born and the drive to keep my boys memory alive and strong is what consumes me every day. Every night I sit out here like Im doing now while revealing everything and Odies leash hangs next to me. The leash has hung up there since we had to make the hardest descison ever. 


With that comes a passion to save as many animals as we possibly can and show them that they deserve to be loved and that humans dont suck. Our goal to provide help to a grieving family and help ease their pain is also a passion. We owe it to our alumnis and adopters to continue to contribute to society and help make a difference whether it's with us or the many other homeless charities we help out as well. 


Thank you all for reading all this I never had the courage to speak out about this publically but seeing his leash tonight inspired me. Thank you all for supporting us.