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For example, high-energy, good with cats, good with other dogs etc. If you are unsure, no problem! We can help you!
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Please list ANY people your adoptable cat or dog will be sharing your house and yard with. Please include frequent house guests who will have to approve of a new family member.
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Please call your vet after submitting this application. Let them note you are allowing Odie's Place access to your pet's health records.
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All of the information I have provided in this application form is true and correct to the best of my knowledge. I understand that, as a part of the application process, Odie's Place will confirm with my landlord (if applicable) that animals are permitted on my premises. Odie’s Place will call my references and veterinarian. I understand that Odie's Place may deny my application, in its sole discretion. I understand that providing deceptive or false information on this application may be grounds for adoption denial.