As Valentines Day is upon us, many feel the excitement of giving and receiving presents by your loved ones. What would be cuter than a puppy or kitten with a bright red bow? Imagine the look on your loved one’s face? While it is a thoughtful gift, there can be a downside to gifting pets. I worked in a shelter environment and now run a rescue and there is always a spike in owner-surrendered pets before and after holidays. While disturbing, many people will surrender their old pets before the holiday to make way for new pets and afterwards, many well-meant “gifts” are returned.  . 

Meet your new best friend at Odie's Place - a no-kill animal rescue in Southeastern Massachusetts.

Odie's Place is proud to be a no-kill animal sanctuary. We rescue, rehabilitate and find loving families for pets that would otherwise be euthanized in overcrowded shelters. View our current adoptable animals and let us know if you think you're the right match!

One of the best ways to support Odie's Place is to become a foster for our pets. Without fosters, we wouldn't be able to rescue animals in need and provide them loving homes until they are matched with their new forever families. Read more about our process and sign up to join our foster network today.